Hello, ​My Name Is… Kyndal Alexander

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Kyndal would be compassionate.
I met Kyndal about two years ago while attending classes at Columbus Technical College, through a mutual friend after an exchange of only two sentences. It was then I just knew Kyndal and I would become great friends!
Kyndal started going to Columbus Tech with the intention of graduating with a degree in dental hygiene. During that time she was working a job as a pre-school teacher and absolutely fell in love with it. With the unexpected change in events, she started to reconsider her decision to pursue dental hygiene. Was dental hygiene really for her or was she being called to work with the little ones? After much thought, she continued to pursue her dental hygiene career path at Auburn University. She graduated successfully but to this day she had chosen to continue working where her heart is most happy; with the little children.
Kyndal3When not at school or working with the children Kyndal can mostly be found with her family. She is very family oriented. She grew up in a military family and probably wouldn’t have chosen it any other way. She is super proud of her father for everything he has accomplished in his military career. Kyndal is also a proud aunt and absolutely loves spending time with her nephew and newly born niece.
If you ever think of Kyndal a few things should come to mind. One of those being Christmas (I’m positive she is the only one happy that sunny 100 has decided to play Christmas music all year long). Second, monogramming and crafting. If you want some super cool monogrammed stuff, contact Kyndal and she’s got your back!
I think when Kyndal stared going to Second Story she didn’t believe it would turn into much of anything, but here she is a leader in our community and someone that we all love and look up to!
We love you Kyndal!


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