My name is Bret Vinson and I am the 2018-2019 President of Second Story! I came to Second Story last September with one of my friends and I haven’t missed an event since! Second Story has become such a huge part of my life. I have made so many new friends that I consider to be family, and you can do the same! At Second Story we try to be as welcoming as possible because we too are college students who know the struggle as much as you! We have so many opportunities (ultimate frisbee, bible study and softball, reclaimed, and many other miscellaneous events) for you to come and enjoy. It is an awesome way to connect with an amazing and diverse group of people. Getting involved at Second Story was a huge turning point in my life and I know it can be for you too!
Your new friend,
Bret Vinson
Vice President
Hey, everybody, it’s your friendly neighborhood Vice President! I’m a Junior at CSU studying to get my degree in, Fine Arts with a focus in Graphic Design. I love Christ, Star Wars, and doing whatever I can to help as many people as possible! I have been a member of Second Story for just under a year now and boy, I have loved every single moment God has blessed me with in this wonderful place. I love the family I have been forging here and I can’t wait to see my it grow! So if you are a college student or someone seeking fellowship, great times, and possibly free food, look no further than Second Story! I hope to see y’all real soon!
Hey guys, I’m Sydney Garner! I’m a junior at Columbus State University majoring in middle grades education with a concentration in Science and English. I have been involved with Second Story for two years now. When I transferred to CSU after my freshman year of college, Second Story really took me in and helped me feel at home. Getting involved in girls Bible study on Wednesday nights really got me connected with so many amazing women. We have something for everyone and we would love to have you join us! I am so excited to see what this next school year has in store!
Digital Media Specialist
HEY FRIENDS! My name is Kelsey Slay and I am the 2018-2019 Digital Media Specialist of Second Story! I stumbled upon Second Story almost two years ago, and over these last two years, I have been blessed beyond measure by the community that they offer. I am a junior at Columbus State University majoring in Fine Arts with a focus in Graphic Design. I love Jesus, coffee, sunsets and all things related to art and design. Through this leadership role, I want to share my talents in art/design with Second Story and give back to this amazing place I call my home! I’m excited to see what this year holds for our family here at Second Story, and can’t wait to meet all of you!
Event Coordinators
Hello! My name is Bekah Palmer. I am an event coordinator at Second Story for the 2018/2019 school year! Currently, I am a sophomore at Columbus state and majoring in special education. I look forward to serving in this position and will do it to the best of my ability! Can’t wait to meet Y’all!
Hey guys, My name is Patrick Mummert and I am the other event coordinator at Second Story. I’m in the middle of my sophomore year at Columbus State University. I am a Computer Science Major and plan to become an I.T. specialist when I graduate. I cannot wait for this year at Second Story. God has great things in store for us. If you are ever scared or nervous about being at Second Story, come find me and say hello. I’m an awkward person, but once you get to know me, it won’t be hard at all. I hope to see you all there!!!!


Reclaimed Coordinators
Hey Y’all! My name is Hannah Talley and will be serving alongside Skylar doing the behind the scene Reclaimed worship service prep. If y’all can’t find me at Second Story, I will most likely be hidden away somewhere in Iron Bank cramming for the Nursing program. But I am always here for ANYONE! I am one of the Second Story OG peeps, so I know the ropes and can help you meet and find the perfect friends! I love my Second Story family and I cannot wait to meet all of our newcomers!
Sports Czar’s
Hey, my name is Phillip Hamric! I’m a senior at Columbus State University majoring in Exercise Science with plans to become an occupational therapist. I’ve been at Second Story for over two years and this is my second year as sports czar.  I enjoy being sports czar because it gives me the chance to help plan out fellowship activities through sports which is something that I love. Hope to see y’all at Second Story soon!
What’s up, guys? I’m Tyler Redmond and I’m a sophomore at Columbus State. I’m a huge sports fan, so this position felt like a Godsend from the start. I learned about Second Story from a friend and grew to love all it had to offer. Being involved with the weekly sporting events has given me new friends, and plenty to look forward to throughout the week. I hope to see you at one of our events soon!
Hey Guys! My name is Matt Burton. I’m so happy to be 1 of 3 Sports Czar’s. I’ve been going to Second Story since it first opened! I work full time at D.P Jones Electrical Company. I love Jesus, sports, and Second Story! Second Story will always be my home and it can be yours too! I can’t wait to meet you!